We are deliver gloves such as Nitrile Gloves, Chemical Resistant Glove, Nitrile Foam-coated Gloves, Polyurethane Coated Glove, Latex Coated Glvoes and Nitrile Cut Resistant Gloves (Level 3). From general cleaning to component handling there are all kinds of jobs that require light protection. It’s ideal used for precision electronic assembly, painting, manufacturing, automotive, small parts handling, chemical handling, printing, agriculture, emergency services and local authorities. Besides, some of gloves have been improved to offer a host of additional benefits to industrial workers, including being washable and silicone-free.

Ideal for busy washrooms and hygiene stations.

Hand cleansers used to reduce human and aquatic toxicity, reduced smog production potential and formulated to clean the toughest dirts, including grease and tar. Typical uses for hand hygiene and skin care. Then, we are provided many types of hand washing such as Moisturising Instant Hand Sanitiser, Antibacteria Clear Skin Cleanser, Lotion Skin Cleanser, Luxury Foam Soap Cleanser, Luxury Foam Hair & Body Wash and Antibacteria Luxury Foam Soap.

Typical Uses for chemical handling, mixing, cleanup, hazardous material handling, hazardous waste cleanup, industrial Hazmat teams, petrochemicals and utilities.

It’s used to protect the wearer from inhaling harmful particulate matter (as in dusts, including airborne microorganisms), fumes, vapors, or gases. Typical uses for grinding, sanding, sweeping and woodworking.

It is a device that uses an air pump, to create a partial vacuum to suck up dust and dirt, usually from floors, and from other surfaces such as upholstery and draperies.

We provided many types of wiper such as Centerflow Wipers, Roll Control Wipers , Industrial Roll /Jumbo Roll Wiper, Clinical Roll Wiper, Quarter Fold Wipers, Box Wiper, Coded Wiper and Oil Pad Medium. It’s suitable for use in many areas such as manufacturing areas, laboratory, clinics, outpatient treatment centre, other healthcare purpose, automotive plants, workshops and garages and food processing plants.

Easy snap-in clip system to hold ADF and protective lens, Ideal for the specialised welder in high productivty welding work environments, Increased peripheral and distortion free vision, UVA/UVB Protection, increases upward and peripheral vision. Safety Welding Helmets using robust- low weidht solution for the most demanding tasks.

We are provided safety disposable earplug (corded or uncorded), safety multiple-use ear clips and safety multiple-use ear clips-replacement pads for your hearing protection.

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